What is a digital media audit? A digital media audit is a review of all digital media properties and is used to measure the effectiveness of a digital media campaign. From a marketing audit perspective, a digital media audit is used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your social media marketing to determine if the budget allocation is appropriate. At My Marketing Auditors, we will determine if the benefits of each social media platform justify the cost of your campaign. We begin by asking the following questions:

Is each social media platform being utilized properly?

It is important that each social media platform be utilized for its strengths in relation to your specific marketing goals. Each social media platform is not going to be equally advantageous to everyone. If a platform adds little-to-no value to your social media campaign, we will advise that its budget be reduced.

We find that many digital marketing teams tend to recommend as many social media platforms as possible despite the lack of added value. Clearly, we see this as an attempt to increase their profitability and we advise against it in our assessment. Click here to learn more. 

How many hours are being put into our social media campaign?

We will perform an hours-allocation assessment to determine an estimate of how many work hours are put into each social media platform. Often times, digital marketing agencies are very vague about the exact amount of work that goes into each digital marketing platform, and often utilize automation software like Hootsuite to push content from one platform to another, thus decreasing the amount of time spent on each platform.  We will reverse engineer their marketing efforts to determine an estimate of the actual hours that were put into each platform.

Digital Media Technical Audit

Out team of marketing auditors will also perform a technical analysis of your digital media properties to determine if all relevant meta information, including keywords, titles, tags hashtags, etc., are implemented properly. We use SEO best practices guidelines as defined by Google.

Digital Media Brand Consistency Audit

As part of our digital media audit, we will assess the branding of the pages. We will evaluate the overall aesthetics of the page, including the look and feel, the brand identity and the cohesiveness between the platforms. Sometimes it takes a third-party outside perspective to see what’s working and what isn’t. At My Marketing Auditors, we employ our creative sensibility when evaluating digital media campaigns.

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