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When we think of marketing, we rarely think of scientific endeavor involved in the marketing process.

Although perhaps not initially apparent, there is actually a great deal of science involved in marketing. Upon closer analysis of any marketing mix, we realize that throughout the entire marketing system, from inception to actualization of marketing efforts, we recognize the implementation of multiple scientific systems. Thus, it is critical to understand the scientific processes from which so much of marketing is derived. At My Marketing Auditors, we are well aware of this paradigm and actively approach all marketing efforts from a scientific initiative. In this article, we will take a closer look at the various applications of science to marketing.


1. Data Analysis and Mathematical Interpretation

Every marketing team should have a strong understanding of data analysis and mathematical reasoning.

So much of the insights gained from marketing campaigns are expressed as numerical data. Not all mathematical data will be presented in an obvious, unambiguous form. Often data has to “cleaned up” and sifted through to extract meaningful conclusions relevant to a marketing campaign. As such, mathematical analysis ability should be at the core of marketing campaign. If you don’t implement sound mathematical analysis of your marketing data, much of the meaningful insights may be lost to unsound interpretation. Math skills should include statistical analysis, ability to interpret large data sets, and advanced computational ability.


2.  Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology plays a vital roll in any marketing mix. The ability to interpret, explain and predict purchase behavior and buying patterns allows marketers to position their brand and apply a efficacious marketing mix that will influence the consumer. For instance, the ability to create compelling advertising that resonates with the audience and constructs a brand image in the mind of the consumer is derived from the proper analysis and implementation of marketing data.

Furthermore, the ability to interpret and understand the sociocultural implications of your and branding and advertising is critical to creating effective marketing. By reviewing previously successful advertising campaigns, we begin to realize that the cognitive relevance of the feelings elicited from advertising is the primary goal of any large advertising campaign. Again, the ability to understand the position that your brand holds in the mind of the consumer is paramount to a successful marketing campaigns.


3. Application of Math and Psychology Through Methods of Testing and Research

By applying sound methods of research and testing, based on the proper application of math and psychology, marketing teams can optimize and update marketing mixes as new data presents itself. Thus, we recognize the importance of including marketing exerts with a sound understanding of math and the scientific method on any marketing team. There are various derivative studies that allow marketers to test the efficacy of their marketing strategies.

the consumer psychology of a marketing audit

Marketing Audits are formal methods of measurement for critiquing the efficacy of marketing campaigns.

Marketing audits, by definition, are objective, third party analysis and review of previous marketing efforts that allow for the client and the marketer to realign their marketing activity with their goals and objectives. A marketing audit is a powerful tool that can help a team reflect of the past efforts and apply the findings to future endeavors. Thus, it is widely the opinion of experts from various disciplines, that standardized methods of marketing audits should be employed at a standard interval of time, to ensure optimization of a marketing campaign.


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