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At My Marketing Auditors, we pull from an array of diverse backgrounds and disciplines to offer uniquely effective marketing strategies that will help your business succeed. We offer personalized marketing consulting services that have the small business owner in mind.

Meet Our Team

marketing consultant Los Angeles Jesse Garcia

Jesse is a Consumer Psychologist and researcher from the University of Southern California with a background in market research and consumer behavior. Jesse is a top marketing consultant in Los Angeles, California.

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Bryan is a digital marketing expert with over 10 years in the digital marketing field. His extensive experience in the marketing arena has helped distinguish Bryan as a top-rated Los Angeles marketing consultant.

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Vijay is a computer scientist from the University of Southern California with extensive experience in software design and application making him a vital part of the Los Angeles marketing community.

Grace is a leading social media marketing expert with a background in brand development and digital marketing. Grace has helped grow many companies through targeted social media campaigns.

Our team of marketing consultants will work one-on-one with you to ensure that you receive a thorough marketing consultation. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of the essential aspects of marketing and advertising and can present information in an easy-to-understand way. My Marketing Auditors have been recognized as top marketing consultants in Los Angeles and are excited to bring our services to you.

Los Angeles Consumer Psychologist

Los Angeles based consumer psychology

At My Marketing Auditors, we have developed a unique skillset, grounded in formal Consumer Psychology and market research training, that sets us apart from the competition. We aim to bring our unique skillset to digital marketing industry and offer our clients a research-based approach to marketing. Our extensive experience in the field has allowed to put theory to practice and we have seen continued success in helping our clients enhance their marketing efforts.

“Consumer Psychology is the study of what motivates people to buy and should be at the core of any good marketing campaign…”

In any marketing campaign, there are vast amounts of data available to review. However, often times the amount and randomness of the data makes it difficult to interpret. The skill of a good Consumer Psychologist is to take all of the ambiguous data and turn it into a cohesive story. That is where the formal Consumer Psychology background becomes a differentiator.

Often times during our marketing audits we will come to find that market research and data interpretation are often conspicuously absent from marketing campaigns. We find that often times it is a problem that can greatly affect the success of a campaign. At My Marketing Auditors, our team of marketing consultants will work with you to ensure that your marketing mix is properly optimized.

At My Marketing Auditors, we adhere to strict guidelines of marketing consultant definition best practices and aim for complete client satisfaction.

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My Marketing Auditors Marketing Consulting In Los Angeles

At My Marketing Auditors, we are proud to be a part of the local Los Angeles business community and we are committed to helping entrepreneurs and local business owners grow their businesses. Our commitment to excellence has helped establish us as one of the top marketing consulting firms in Los Angeles.

Our team of marketing consultants are very client-minded and we recognize the important role that our clients play in the business community. My Marketing Auditors goal is to help the entrepreneur navigate their way through the often-murky waters of the marketing industry. We are here to help the entrepreneur and the businessman ethically and sustainably grow their business.

Global Leaders In Marketing Audits

My Marketing Auditors have established themselves as global leaders in the marketing audit industry. By bringing their services to a global market, the team at My Marketing Auditors has been able to establish a standard of excellence in the marketing world. The team at My Marketing Auditors has had the privilege to work with numerous brands from around the world and have created a global brand that can function in a multitude of distinct industries. My Marketing Auditors is proud to be able to deliver their top-level research and audits to industries around the world that are in need of such services.

Our aim for the future is to continue to grow the marketing audit industry and to push the standards of marketing globally. We feel that a standard of marketing audits that is consistent around the world is a crucial aspect of general marketing endeavors and we feel that we are able to deliver such standards of marketing audit. Our team has demonstrated the ability to work within industries and markets from around the world and to continue to deliver results. It is our intention to establish a global method of marketing auditing that will serve as a benchmark for all future marketing audits and the goal is to bring this standardized audit to a global position.

My Marketing Auditors Have Established Themselves As Leaders in The Global Marketing Audit Industry

In the coming years, as the market audit evolves and advances, we hope to continue our tradition of bringing systematic marketing audits that are designed with the business owner in mind. Our intention is to maximize the overall marketing output through systematic audits. We are confident that our audits will have a profound impact on the marketing industry and we hope that businesses alike will find value in the marketing audit process that we have developed through our experience in the industry.

About My Marketing Auditors

At My Marketing Auditors, we offer top marketing consulting services in Los Angeles and have quickly established ourselves as leading marketing consultants in the field. Coming from one of the top marketing agencies in Los Angeles, CEO, Jesse Garcia, MS has combined his industry-insider knowledge and Consumer Psychology background to establish one of the top marketing consulting services in Los Angeles. Our marketing audits have become globally recognized as industry-standard audits and have been utilized by brands in various and distinct industries around the world. To learn more about our marketing consulting in Los Angeles, please contact us today.