My Marketing Auditors offers independent, 3rd-party Marketing Audits for you, the business owner, to ensure that your marketing is done correctly. WE AUDIT YOUR MARKETING FOR YOU!


At My Marketing Auditors, we specialize in providing systematic, comprehensive MARKETING AUDITS that are designed to give our clients a uniquely transparent look into their marketing efforts. Through our extensive marketing experience and formal research backgrounds, we have developed a singular approach to the MARKETING AUDIT that has been demonstrated to help our clients improve their marketing efforts. Our amazing history of proven success with marketing audits has been shown to be effective across industries and our notable achievements to date include helping a number of businesses from various backgrounds.

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Jesse Rey Garcia, MS
Marketing Consultant Los Angeles
Jesse is a Consumer Psychologist from the University of Southern California and is an indispensable part of the Los Angeles marketing community. After spending several years as director of sales at a top-rated marketing firm, Jesse launched the marketing audit agency My Marketing Auditors, LLC. “Our guiding principle is 100% transparency and we want to bring that to the marketing industry.”
Pulling from his consumer psychology background and marketing consulting experience, Jesse has developed a proprietary auditing system that examines your businesses’ marketing profile to ensure that you are getting the best results for your marketing budget.

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What Is A Marketing Audit And Why Do I Need One?

A Marketing Audit is a systematic, comprehensive, investigation of your marketing efforts by an independent 3rd party Marketing Auditor that provides you, the business owner the opportunity to audit your marketing service to determine if it is being done correctly and if there are any areas for improvement. A marketing audit gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your marketing is being done correctly.

The Kotler Marketing Audit

At My Marketing Auditors, we have built on the seminal marketing audit research of friend and mentor,  psychologist Dr. Philip Kotler. We utilize a systematic and comprehensive market opportunity analysis, referred to as the Kotler Marketing Audit to inform our marketing recommendations, including a website audit, marketing environment audit, digital media audit, and a budget allocation audit. For further marketing audit examples or to learn more about our Los Angeles marketing consulting, click here.

At My Marketing Auditors, we feel that it is our mission to help businesses improve their company marketing strategy by providing sound marketing recommendations based on research, industry knowledge, and experience. All of our audits are based on formal Consumer Psychology training and market research backgrounds. Our marketing consultants will work closely with the business owner to audit the marketing and then develop a personalized marketing plan that will drive subsequent marketing efforts. Contact us now to learn more.

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