Consumer Psychology Los Angeles

Consumer Psychology Los Angeles

At My Marketing Auditors, we pull from our formal consumer psychology Los Angeles training and market research background to offer top-level marketing consulting and marketing audits. Our analyses rely on research methods and data analytics to ensure that our conclusions are sound.

Consumer Psychologist Jesse Rey Garcia received his training in consumer psychology from the University of Southern California and was a post-graduate researcher in consumer psychology labs.

Why Consumer Psychology?

Marketing and advertising are traditionally grounded in consumer psychology and market research. Before the digital marketing boom of the 2000’s, traditional marketers typically performed extensive consumer and market research as part of their marketing campaigns. Post-digital marketing explosion saw the surge of digital marketing companies who, without proper consumer psychology training, operated on a kind of wing-and-prayer model.

There is psychology in every advertisement you see. From the smallest Google advertisement to the biggest Coca-Cola campaign, there are huge amounts of psychology and consumer research that go into every advertisement you see.

At My Marketing Auditors, it is our intention to bring consumer psychology into the digital marketing world. So much of the digital marketing being done by non-market research means is simply a waste of marketing budget money and simply doesn’t work. For marketing to be effective it must be based on consumer psychology and market research.

At My Marketing Auditor, we get into the mind of the consumer to understand brand perception. What does your brand say to the consumer, what do your advertisements speak to the audience? Who is your audience and what drives them to purchase your (or your competitor’s brand)? Who are your competitors and what is your market share compared to theirs?

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About My Marketing Auditors – Consumer Psychology Los Angeles Experts

At My Marketing Auditors, we pull from consumer psychology and market research backgrounds to offer sound marketing strategies that are based on research and analytics. It is our mission to bring a systematic, comprehensive method of market research to the digital marketing community. Contact us now to learn more about how we apply consumer psychologist practices to your digital marketing efforts.