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Quick Tips For A DIY Marketing And Website Audit

1) Basic Website Review. Is my message clear?

  • Do I have clear call to actions?
  • Is it immediately apparent what services or products I offer?
  • Is my branding visible, clear, concise, strong?
  • What am I representing above the fold?

2) Basic SEO keyword strategy

  • Use a keyword that is relevant to your search query.
  • The keyword should be present in the HTML title, meta descriptions, headers (H1, H2, etc.), content, image alt text.
  • Remember, the longer and more specific a keyword is, the easier it is to rank for, however, the less traffic it receives.
  • Link keywords in blog posts to landing pages that include the same keyword as the blog post.
  • Also, interlink between all related posts.

3) Offsite SEO

Off-site SEO refers to the number of backlinks that your website has. A proper link building strategy includes

  • links on local listing sites like Yelp
  • getting links onto discussion websites like Reddit.
  • Remember, social media also counts as offsite link building also, so get links to articles shared on social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Include links to your website on all Social Media accounts
  • Set up accounts on popular blogging sites like Tumblr and Medium. Find the free ones!

4) Don’t forget to check for mobile friendliness

According to Google’s latest statistics, more than 50% of online search queries come from mobile devices, which include smartphones and tablets. So don’t forget to perform an audit for mobile devices as well. It’s simple, just open up your phone or tablet and make sure your website looks good.  Do a general check,

  • make sure all buttons, including the phone icon, are responsive
  • make sure your blogs look the way you want, they have a tendency to change on a mobile device

5) Organic Lead Generation Strategies

Audit your lead generation strategy. Organic lead generation is an essential part of any successful business. Are you doing it correctly?

  • Incentivize your potential clients to leave their contact information by offering valuable content offers, like a top-10 list that only industry insiders like yourself would know about. Then ask the client to submit an email address to receive the list.
  • Make sure that the value of your content is legitimate and relevant to your audience. And instead of having a “submit” button, the button should say something enticing like, “get my top-10 secrets for…”

6) Audit your website’s speed and technical performance

A responsive website may be the difference between someone staying on your website and someone bouncing within 10 seconds. A website audit is a great way to find and fix website issues such as poor site speed, broken links, oversized images, slow server responsiveness and more. A website audit team like My Marketing Auditors can help you run a thorough website audit to ensure that you have a fully
functional website.

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