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Why are marketing consultancies outperforming traditional digital marketing firms? 

According to marketing consultant Los Angeles experts, the latest trend analysis data show that marketing consultancies are replacing digital marketing firms as the preferred method of marketing by business owners.

The pyramid structure of a traditional digital marketing agency operates in such a way that:

  • the CEO is making hundreds of thousands of dollars annually
  • employees earn very small wages
  • clients pay exorbitant prices.

In addition, CEOs want to maximize profits so they overload employees with more accounts than they can handle. 

This creates a situation in which the account managers are: 

  • very overworked
  • disengaged from the project
  • doing sub-par marketing

Top 7 Reasons To Hire A Marketing Consultant 

1. Build A Mutually-Beneficial Relationship

  • A marketing consultant works one-on-one with the client and this tends to create a closer, more amicable relationship.
  • As a result, the marketer cares about the project they are working on and the people they are working with. They are more engaged and do a better job.

2. Cut Out The Middle Man

Why pay a company $150 / hour who will pay an employee $20 / hour to do the work for you. Cut out the middle man a find a talented marketer who will work for a fraction of what you are paying and will do a better job because of reason #1. 

3. Personalized Service

Because consultants are charging less per hour but making more than agency employees (see #2), they can take on fewer clients and still earn a decent salary. 

  • Thus, they are not overworked and
  • they get to know your project better
  • can put in quality work-time into your project

4. You pay less

Because of the pyramid model of traditional digital marketing agencies, the client often pays way more than he or she would with a marketing consultant. 

5. No rotation of team members

Marketing firms often have a revolving door of employees. Because of the low pay, marketing managers are always leaving and being replaced, which means you have new team members all the time. 

Marketing consultancies do not operate in this way. Your consultant stays the same. 

6. A marketing consultant is much more transparent about  their services

  • Digital marketing firms are notorious for upselling services that the client doesn’t need to maximize profits. 
  • Because of the close relationship between a client and a consultant, there is much more transparency and fewer hidden agendas. 

7. Response Time Is Generally Much Quicker

Again, because of all the reasons mentioned, 

  • Don’t have to go through various channels or departments of a larger business
  • Faster turn around on getting work done.
  • Faster response time to emails and calls

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