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My Marketing Auditors Want To Bring Transparency To The Marketing Industry

At My Marketing Auditors, our goal is to bring complete transparency to the digital marketing industry. As a marketing insider, I am privy to all kinds of deceptions and misrepresentations that marketing companies use to increase their profitability at the expense of the client. On a daily basis,  I meet with clients to discuss their past marketing efforts and  I hear the same story repeated over and over…

A business owner will tell the story of contacting a small digital marketing firm, supposed industry-experts, who promise amazing results. The business owner is optimistic that the plan will work and invests their entire marketing budget. Fast forward 3-6 months, little-to-no results, the business owner is disappointed, frustrated and out a few thousand dollars.

I hear this story every day!

The frustrated business owner would contact another marketing agency who would ensure that they were different, that they were a quality company that would deliver results, and then the same thing would happen again… and again and again… Really, who hasn’t heard this story before? You may have even experienced it yourself.

The reason for this all-too-common story is the lack of accountability in the digital marketing world.

  • There is a 3-month window from the time you start marketing until the time you see results. In that time, you spent thousands of dollars.
  • Digital marketing companies change their name or rebrand themselves to distance themselves from the negative Yelp reviews
  • Digital marketing companies purchase fake 5-star Yelp reviews to bury the negative ones.
  •  Companies outsource their web development to offshore coders and then charge a huge markup to their clients.
  • No one auditing the marketing industry, as a result, the deceitful practices continue to happen.

That is when we decided to launch My Marketing Auditors. Our goal is to support the small business owner as they make their way through the murky waters of the digital marketing world. Our team of marketing auditors pull from our past experiences and industry knowledge to offer our clients insight and recommendations. We want our clients to benefit from our experience and knowledge and to know what we know.

Our Marketing Auditor services include:

  • a full website audit to look for errors and room for improvement
  • a budget allocation audit to determine if your budget is optimized properly
  • a marketing audit to analyze your marketing mix and determine best strategies to move forward
  • a marketer search can help you find a reputable marketing firm. we know what red flags to look for
  • a one-on-one marketing consultation to discuss marketing strategy

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