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Marketing Audit

What is a marketing audit? A marketing audit is an extensive review of a business’ marketing plan, including strategy, objectives, efforts and digital properties. My Marketing Auditors have set the standard of excellence in the field of marketing audits and offer a premium marketing audit service that is designed with the small business owner in mind. Click here to learn more. 

Website Audit

At My Marketing Auditors, we offer comprehensive website audits for our clients.  As part of our complete website audit service, we will run a full analysis of all major factors affecting the SEO of your website to diagnose its overall functionality. The importance of a website’s search engine compatibility is paramount to the success of any business.

website audit experts
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Marketing Consulting

At My Marketing Auditors, our team of marketing consultants will work one-on-one with you to create a uniquely effective marketing strategy that will help your business grow. Our marketing consultants have a firm understanding of the essential aspects of marketing and can communicate them to the client in a succinct and cohesive manner.

Search For A Marketer

At My Marketing Auditors, we realize that every business has a specific and unique set off marketing goals that they need to achieve to make their business succeed and that finding the perfect marketing team to meet those requirements can be a difficult task. Let us help you find the perfect marketing team to fit your marketing needs.

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marketer search

Budget Allocation Audit

During a budget allocation audit, My Marketing Auditors will review your entire monthly marketing spend to determine if your marketing spend is being utilized properly, where you are getting the best return on investment and what updates to your monthly spend can be implemented to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing.