At My Marketing Auditors, we offer a comprehensive website audit as part of our marketing audit package. The importance of a website’s search engine compatibility is paramount to the success of any business. As part of our complete marketing audit service, we will run a full analysis of all major factors affecting the SEO of your website. Our audits can be used to diagnose any website’s overall functionality as well as individual page functionality. A website auditing service can offer you the peace of mind of knowing that your website is operating properly.

My Marketing Auditors Website Audit Los Angeles Checklist

When performing a complete audit, our auditors will apply a proprietary audit checklist that is compliance with SEO best practices as defined by Google. The comprehensive checklist encompasses all necessary elements of an audit,  including but not limited to broken links, meta information, site speed, keyword checkers and more. The audit includes both on-site optimization reports as well as off-site recommendations.

The Importance Of A Third-Party Audit

Many marketing companies offer self-audits, i.e. they audit their own website services. At My Marketing Auditors, we feel that there is a conflict of interest when performing a first-party audit and that any functional and efficacious audit must come from an outside 3rd party auditing service.

Adding Value To The Entrepreneur

It is essential to the success of a business to have a fully optimized, functioning website. So much of a business’ life exists online and to an entrepreneur, a website is a lifeline. If there are problems with a website, it resonates with website visitors and can leave a lasting negative impression of your website and your business.

Website Audit Marketing Consultants

About My Marketing Auditors

My Marketing Auditors offer a comprehensive audit to ensure that your website is fully optimized and functioning properly. To learn more about our comprehensive audit service, please contact us today.

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