13 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Marketing Team

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Marketing Team


Screener Questions To Ask When Hiring A Marketing Team


What is the company history?

-how many years in business?

– do they now, or have they ever operated under a different name?


How many hours of work are going towards my project per my monthly budget?

– $x / x hours  = price you are paying per hour

– what exactly am I getting for my budget?

– how much time is being allocated to each platform?

website updates

content writing


each social media platform

graphic design

video creation



Does the marketing team do market research?

– competitor research

– keyword research

– client feedback

– trend analysis


Do they set growth expectations on each platform?


What kind of key performance indicators (KPI) are they including in my monthly report?

– website traffic from:




social media

referral (Yelp)

– website bounce rate

– website technical analysis

– campaign growth

email subscribers

YouTube views/subscriptions

social media likes / shares / comments

brand mentions / tags


– conversion tracking


email signups


other conversions


Is there any strategy development or planning?

– how often is it revisited?


Do they use any automation?

– Hootsuite

– If This Then That (IFTTT)


How responsive is the team?

–  how many times out of 10 do they answer the phone? _ /10

– how long does it take to return emails

– how willing are they to have in-office or virtual office meetings


What are the team capabilities (do they match your needs)?

– how many graphic design team members, what is their experience?

–  how many writers, what is their experience?

– is it relevant to your industry?

– who are their web developers?

– are they in-house or remote?

– who is their technical support team?

– who are the media buyers


Who are the exact team members that will be involved in your project?

– what are their capabilities/experience?


Does the company have experience in your industry?

– do they have a portfolio?

– do they have case studies?


Can they have past / current clients who will give a referral?

– how many?


What is their online reputation?

– Yelp reviews

– do they seem legitimate or fake?

– Google My Business reviews

– Glass Door reviews

– The Better Business Bureau


Questions To Ask When Hiring A Marketing Team

questions to ask when hiring a marketing team

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