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Consumer Psychologist Los Angeles – Jesse Rey Garcia, MS

Jesse Garcia is a top-rated Consumer Psychologist in Los Angeles, California. Jesse pulls from his distinct consumer psychology, sales, and marketing background to create an effective interdisciplinary marketing audit system, which he has called the Kotler Audit.

Jesse earned his consumer psychology degree from the University of Southern California and had the privilege of studying under distinguished faculty and staff. Under the guidance of world-renowned psychologists, Jesse participated in post-graduate research labs where he was able to apply principles of consumer psychology to laboratory settings. As a result, Jesse has been able to create effective real-world applications of consumer psychology principles.

Jesse was able to progress his consumer psychologist training and has applied his skills in the digital marketing world.

As a consumer psychologist, Jesse finds it necessary that scientific-based market research is applied to marketing endeavors. At My Marketing Auditors, the team applies an effective mix of consumer psychology, data research, digital marketing experience, and industry-insider knowledge to create a uniquely insightful marketing audit system.

Jesse’s consumer psychologist and marketing background has allowed him to effectively apply theories of consumer psychology and marketing into an effective new discipline, referred to as digital marketing audits. Jesse has made this the core function of his marketing consulting firm, My Marketing Auditors.

The Kotler Marketing Audit

Jesse developed a marketing audit system, referred to as the Kotler Marketing Audit, which was based on the work of renowned consumer psychologist, Philip Kotler, Ph.D. The Kotler Marketing Audit is a systematic, comprehensive evaluation of a business entity’s marketing system, and includes a component fit for the digital age, referred to as a digital marketing audit.

As a Los Angeles-based consumer psychologist, Jesse hopes to introduce his effective marketing audit system to the thousands of small business owners who can benefit from such a service. The purpose of the Kotler Marketing Audit is to help small business owners realign their marketing with their marketing goals. Ultimately, My Marketing Auditors wants to help small business owners grow their business by successfully implementing their marketing systems.

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About My Marketing Auditors – Consumer Psychologist Los Angeles

My Marketing Auditors is a Los Angeles-based marketing consulting firm with extensive experience in market research, digital marketing, consumer psychology, and sales. Consumer psychologist Los Angeles, Jesse Rey Garcia, MS, has introduced an effective new marketing audit system, referred to as the Kotler Marketing Audit, which builds on the research of renowned psychologist Philip Kotler.