Marketing Audits Consulting

Marketing Audits Consulting Los Angeles experts My Marketing Auditors have introduced a new systematic approach to marketing audits consulting, utilizing the Kotler marketing audit. Based on the work of renowned psychologist, Philip Kotler, My Marketing Auditors has adapted the seminal marketing audit work to fit current digital marketing trends.

As a consumer psychologist, Owner and CEO Jesse Rey Garcia has built upon his formal consumer psychology training, which he received under the guidance of the world-renowned graduate-level professors at the University of Southern California. Jesse has adapted his formal training and his in-depth marketing experience to provide top-level marketing audits consulting in Los Angeles.

At My Marketing Auditors, we rely on sound consumer research and data analytics to arrive at our recommendations. Our marketing consulting is derived from research analysis and not simply a priori reasoning. Our marketing audits are intended to facilitate marketing effectiveness by means of measurement and application.

My Marketing Auditors marketing audit consultants have spent several years in the marketing industry and now are ready to take their knowledge and experience and apply it to small business marketing on a large scale. Our marketing consultants have seen myriad marketing endeavors and have an amazingly thorough perspective on what works and what does not work.

Our experienced marketing auditors have seen all manner of marketing endeavors and have detailed knowledge of the various aspects of marketing. At My Marketing Auditors, the team operates under the assumption that no two marketing endeavors are the same. Each marketing endeavor requires careful consideration and planning before an effective marketing mix can be created. It is the intention of the marketing consultants at My Marketing Auditors to pull from industry experience and insider knowledge to create formulaic plans to undertake marketing in a systematic, objective manner.

Marketing Audits Consulting

About My Marketing Auditors

My Marketing auditors offer top-level marketing audits consulting in the greater Los Angeles area. Our marketing recommendations are based on in-depth market research and principles of consumer psychology. The marketing consulting team at My Marketing Auditors does not perform marketing audits without first undertaking sound market research. To learn more about what My Marketing Auditors can do for your marketing, please contact us today.