marketing consultant Los Angeles Jesse Garcia

Jesse Rey Garcia, MS is a marketing consultant Los Angeles expert. Jesse received his formal consumer psychology training from the University of Southern California applied psychology program and has extensive marketing and Market Consulting experience in Los Angeles.

Jesse has been able to apply the consumer psychology theories that he learned at the University of Southern California, studying under world-renowned organizational psychologists, to real-world applications in marketing and advertising with measurable and consistent results. Jesse utilizes sound market research techniques combined with an analytical and detail-oriented mindset to deliver sound marketing consulting and strategy planning. Jesse has been able to make a sizable impact are the Los Angeles marketing community with his Marketing Consultancy, My Marketing Auditors.

About Marketing Consultant Los Angeles Expert Jesse Rey Garcia, MS

Having spent several years as the director of sales of a Los Angeles-based digital marketing firm, Jesse decided to launch My Marketing Auditors, LLC in an attempt to bring transparency to the digital marketing world. At My Marketing Auditors, our goal is to support the small business owner with sound marketing consulting based on industry-standard best practices in market research and data analytics.

Jesse has developed a proprietary auditing system based on the research of famed psychologist and the father of modern marketing, Doctor Philip Kotler. Jesse has built on the Kotler auditing system and updated it to meet the current trends in digital marketing. The Kotler Audit, which is employed at My Marketing Auditors is based on objective, third-party, systematic, and consistent auditing systems.

At My Marketing Auditors,  we feel that it is our mission to help the small business owner and the entrepreneur get the best return on investment out of their marketing budget. Our marketing consultant Los Angeles team will work one-on-one with our clients to develop a sound marketing strategy it is based on market research, consumer insights, and sound marketing tactics that have been developed over several years in the digital marketing field.

About My Marketing Auditors

My Marketing Auditors is a Los Angeles marketing consulting team who utilizes formal consumer psychology practices and traditional market research to provide sound marketing consulting. To learn more about My Marketing Auditors, please contact us today.