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My Marketing Auditors are top-rated marketing audit services Los Angeles providers. Pulling from a consumer psychology and marketing background, owner and CEO, Jesse Rey Garcia, MS has put together a comprehensive marketing audit service system which he has coined the Kotler Audit. Based on the world of renowned consumer psychologist, Philip Kotler, Jesse has adapted a marketing audit service Los Angeles system for the current digital marketing trend.

At My Marketing Auditors, we feel that marketing audit services in Los Angeles should be based on data and research. We find, when dealing with incoming clients, that so many digital marketing agencies rely on a sort of wing-and-prayer model, where very little – if any market research is being done to determine marketing strategies. At My Marketing Auditors, we understand the need for solid research and analytics in marketing. That is why our marketing audit services Los Angles are designed around data and market research.

Our team of marketing auditors in Los Angeles pulls from a strict market research background. Jesse Rey Garcia, MS, has a formal consumer psychology background. He studies consumer psychology and consumer behavior under the tutelage of renowned consumer psychologists at the University of Southern California. Jesse was a graduate-level researcher and conducted in-depth research in cognitive and consumer psychology labs.

My Marketing Auditors’ Marketing Audit Services Los Angeles are designed with the small business owner in mind. In today’s digital marketing climate, much of the market research that was part and parcel of the traditional marketing firm model has fallen by the wayside. We realize that small business owners depend on their marketers to effectively apply their marketing budget to maximize return on investment. However, we realize that there is a pervasive problem with overspending by marketing teams that causes digital marketing to be counterproductive.

marketing audit services los angeles

About My Marketing Auditors

At My Marketing Auditors, our marketing audit Los Angeles services are designed with sound market research and are designed for the small business owner. We pull from formal consumer psychology and marketing backgrounds to offer comprehensive, systematic marketing audits that are intended to maximize the business’ return on investment. To learn more about our Kotler Marketing Audit, designed and based on the research of world-renowned psychologist Philip Kotler, please contact us today. Or if you would like to discuss how our team can assist you in increasing your return on investment on your marketing spend, please call or click the link here.