Marketing Audits are a largely overlooked part of a marketing mix

Marketing Audits Los Angeles experts agree that marketing audits are useful for ensuring that a marketing budget is being utilized properly. In any marketing endeavor, it is essential to continuously analyze and revise your marketing strategy, however, this practice is rarely implemented in today’s digital marketing environment.

Marketing Audits are systematic, comprehensive evaluations of a marketing endeavor, and look at several aspects of marketing. The most common aspects of marketing audits include social media audits, budget allocation audits, website audits, competitor analysis, and marketing team audits. When utilized properly, these can be powerful tools for optimizing your marketing efforts.

Why are marketing audits largely unused by digital marketing agencies?

The simple answer to this is marketing audits take time and cost money. Often, digital marketing agencies prefer to operate on a kind of swing-and-prey model that doesn’t incorporate analytics to data analysis to inform the mix. Typically, digital marketing agencies will only look to perform a marketing audit after serious errors or serious consequences of errors arise. Rarely do digital marketing agencies take a proactive approach to marketing audits, and instead are passive until something goes terribly wrong.

It is highly recommended that marketing audits are performed by a third-party, objective, outside entity, like My Marketing Auditors. Often, the marketing company is too close to the project to make an objective, neutral evaluation. It is recommended that a third-party marketing auditor perform marketing audits routinely and systematically. Technically, marketing audits should be performed on a continuous basis, but realistically a marketing audit should be performed every 1 to 2 months, depending on the size of the project.

A marketing audit affords the marketers a chance to step back and analyze was has been successful and what has not been successful. A budget allocation audit will determine the amount spent on each endeavor and the results of that endeavor. A budget allocation audit will also allow you to reverse engineer a marketing effort to determine exactly how many hours were dedicated to a marketing endeavor to determine exactly how many hours of work are being put into your project.

Website Marketing Audit Los Angeles

As part of our comprehensive digital marketing audit, My Marketing Auditors will perform a complete Website Marketing Audit review. This includes a thorough evaluation of a digital website to look for key indicators of optimization as outlined by Google best practices. To learn more about My Marketing Auditors Website Marketing Audits, click here.

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