the importance of a marketing audit

The Importance Of A Marketing Audit

The importance of a marketing audit cannot be underestimated. A marketing audit, when properly implemented, offers the business owner a unique and objective insight into the functioning of their marketing efforts. A marketing audit has the potential to show the strengths and weaknesses of a business’ entire marketing endeavor.

Our research shows that most companies do not do proper marketing audits. Often we find that marketing budget allocation is applied in a sort of wing-and-prayer model. At My Marketing Auditors, we do not undervalue the importance of a marketing audit. Our data shows that even a basic budget allocation audit can pay for itself by simply exposing wasted marketing budget spend.

In today’s digital marketing era, very little attention is paid to market research. At My Marketing Auditors, we intend to shift that paradigm. Our marketing recommendations are based on data analysis and we utilize market research and consumer psychology to inform our recommendations.

My Marketing Auditors describes the importance of a marketing audit as being paramount to the success of any business. We have established a proprietary marketing audit system that pulls from the research of renowned psychologist Philip Kotler, who leads the field in market research and marketing audits. In the literature, Dr. Kotler describes unequivocally the importance of a marketing audit and outlines the requisite components of a marketing audit.

At My Marketing Auditors, we have built on the research of Dr. Philip Kotler to produce effective marketing audits that are tailor-fit to meet the needs of the business owner. Dr. Kotler’s seminal research into the importance of marketing audits has set the groundwork for Marketing Auditors’ proprietary marketing audit system.

We exist in a very data-driven market. There is an endless supply of marketing data available to us. Marketing data is a fundamental aspect of marketing, however, it is important to know what data is relevant and what data is superfluous. At My Marketing Auditors, we are skilled at combing through the large data sets to extract meaningful data.

the importance of marketing audits

About My Marketing Auditors

My Marketing Auditors are leading Los Angeles-based marketing auditors who have developed an effective proprietary marketing audit system with the business owner in mind. Our marketing audit analysts will work one-on-one with the business owner to develop an effective marketing plan that is based on the results of our marketing audits. To learn more about My Marketing Auditors, please contact us today.